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Development 1/2

Concept Year 1
Productive Interaction
- Modular Music E-Book
- Twiddler of Thumb

Authoring Critical Media
Creating Critical Statements in Design

People Knowing
Experimental Interventions
Sampling Strategies
Cultural Probes

Objects and Spaces
Sketching in the Physical Landscape: TURBO

Week X (wk9 experiment)
- Personal Proximity Meter: Comfort Zone Calculator

Summer X Term
Creative Strategies Final
- Health Brush

Concept Year 2
New Ecology of Things
- The 11th Finger
- Velite: Autonomous Wishing Creature

Design as Inquiry: Good Living + Mix Reality
- Flex Future Room
- Conversation with Computers
- 2nd Layer - Augmentable Material Oddities

Seeing Things to Seeing Machines
- Story In Loop


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Flex Room

Course: Design as Inquiry - Good Living + Mix Reality \ Topic: Domestic Upgrade\ Ben Hooker \ Art Center \ Media Design Program \ Spring 2011

With the increasing problem of over population in several countries on earth, Flex Room is a self-sustainable universal personal living space. One day when we need to live underground and household space is scarce and limited, this universal room can transform itself into just about every possible scenarios anyone would desire. Through nano technology, the surface structure of this room are entirely conposed of flex tubes that extends and flattens itself. This surface can be custom programed to become different style designer furnitures, wall projection and lcd displays, this multi-surface material can also become treadmill mode to allow indoor sports and recreation like surfing, biking, or even skydiving with the blower/vaccum type surface.


Through my investigation of this versatile room, the idea evolved towards looking at moments when this technology glitches. Being stuck in-between modes as the user triggered different modes by accident, or simply computer glitches and occurence of abnormalities.

For example when the dining table suddently retracts on a wrong command.

or when a romantic blockbuster home movie night was ruined due to the floor blowers used for indoor skydiving turned on accidently.

Even while simultaneously indoor surving and snowboarding with the treadmill surface mode was switched to dinner table setting. This can be a bit painful, but since the extendable bars are made of special stretchy nano technology, the surface is soft enough to break the fall.