MDP Portfolio
Development 1/2

Concept Year 1
Productive Interaction
- Modular Music E-Book
- Twiddler of Thumb

Authoring Critical Media
Creating Critical Statements in Design

People Knowing
Experimental Interventions
Sampling Strategies
Cultural Probes

Objects and Spaces
Sketching in the Physical Landscape: TURBO

Week X (wk9 experiment)
- Personal Proximity Meter: Comfort Zone Calculator

Summer X Term
Creative Strategies Final
- Health Brush

Concept Year 2
New Ecology of Things
- The 11th Finger
- Velite: Autonomous Wishing Creature

Design as Inquiry: Good Living + Mix Reality
- Flex Future Room
- Conversation with Computers
- 2nd Layer - Augmentable Material Oddities

Seeing Things to Seeing Machines
- Story In Loop


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This project was one of the most fun we had. The mechanism of the dispenser consists of Rubina sitting on a stool with her laptop inside the box. Whenever a person jumps on the button, she can see through the quicktime video view of the firewire isight, and slips out a card at random. The participants had no idea how the machine works nor tries to investigate. Until towards the end of the video, a student towards takes a peek at the back and saw Rubina's back and left laughing out loud.



Samples of the donation cause cards people receive after they dontate their time and effort.