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Personal Proximity Meter(PPM):
Comfort Zone Calculator

Course: Week X Project \ Brief: Group Project to create a calculator \ Elise Co \ Art Center \ Media Design Program \ Fall 2011

Week X was during 9/14 week into the concept year program where the faculty pulled us out of our normal school work and had a week long workshop. The week began with a field trip to Oblong and various workshosp such as learning the history of computer, binary code, and processing code. The we formed into groups and were given a brief to come up with a uniquely designed calculator.

Our group consists of myself, Chiao Ho, and Adam Fischbach. Our project is about a personal proximity meter that projects and measures each person's comfort zone. Our system incorporates a calculator which is embeded in the body that analyzes one’s biological functions i.e., their heart rate, blood pressure, perspiration and pupil dilation all in relation to their enviornmental proximity in and other people around their vicinity. Through these sensory inputs the calculator is able to collect data on one’s excitement level, nervousness, conscientiousness, embarrassment level, confidence, demeanor, attitude, and to analyze their extrovertedness or introvertness. These signals are sent through the algorithm and then through the meter gauge reflector and the electromagnetic aura generator. This data is displayed through the proximity aura and the calculating device. Through this data collection and processing, ones personal comfort zone is displayed to notify others whether they are easy to get close to or stay far away from this person.

Examples: Types of People