MDP Portfolio
Development 1/2

Concept Year 1
Productive Interaction
- Modular Music E-Book
- Twiddler of Thumb

Authoring Critical Media
Creating Critical Statements in Design

People Knowing
Experimental Interventions
Sampling Strategies
Cultural Probes

Objects and Spaces
Sketching in the Physical Landscape: TURBO

Week X (wk9 experiment)
- Personal Proximity Meter: Comfort Zone Calculator

Summer X Term
Creative Strategies Final
- Health Brush

Concept Year 2
New Ecology of Things
- The 11th Finger
- Velite: Autonomous Wishing Creature

Design as Inquiry: Good Living + Mix Reality
- Flex Future Room
- Conversation with Computers
- 2nd Layer - Augmentable Material Oddities

Seeing Things to Seeing Machines
- Story In Loop


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The 11th Finger

This project critiques the redundancy of human devices we carry for ourselves. Cell phones no longer only functions as phones, but as web browsers, video

players, portable gaming devices, as well as social network hubs. They can do just about everything our personal laptop can do, with additionally some people

may have a tower size computer at home which can also do the same tasks their laptop, ipad, smartphones can do.

The 11th finger utilizes a Infrared Eye Tracker modified from a Sony PS3 Eye camera in conjunction with a MAKE controller embeded in the helmet, and results in

the finger on top of the helm pointing at the direction the eye is looking at.

In various scenarios this is a great and usless device for the lazy person who does not want to lift their arm to tell their love ones where their belongings are. Or

other times people may