Perceptual Exaptations Manifesto

Perceptual Exaptation is:

Is a exploration to invent new uses for the human visual perception whether it is the sensation and phenomenon of seeing or the act of physically directing the eye. Playing with various physical parts of the human eye, including the Iris, retina, fovea, and blind spot to create new ways of functional productive interactions.

Is a series of investigations that involves the physical human eye, cognitive psychological concepts, Gestalt psychology, and Visual effect languages.

Is a translation of visual effects techniques to the tangible world using motors and sensors embedded in mechanical parts.

Is using the structural language of visual effects as a vehicle to create tangible apparatuses that introduces new uses for existing bodily functions.

Is open to the experimentation of extending the human perceptual functions to other locations of the body or other locations of the physical world.

Is open to the experimentations involving two or more ways of interactions involving two or more personals. Is actively interactive.

Perceptual Exaptation is not:

Is not a optical illusion

Is not a magic trick to deceive the human eye

Is not a engineering dominate project, but rather more expressive with metaphors.

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