Week 4: Prototyping / Learning through making

These are the first iterations of my experimentation and implimenting sketches from the previous week
Tangible Motion Graphics – Idea around Physical Animated Spacial Experience


Through these scale models and experiments, this investigation begins to speculate the distance and perceivable range around the viewer. When this is experienced in the dark, the manipulation to play with fading is very useful. If I continue this investigation, these graphic elements that takes up space will be motorized.


There are countless examples of visual effects in film and even in our daily lives that revolves around the idea of Transformation. Yes, that includes Hollywood hit The Transformers franchise, along with many other science fiction films. This is the first testing of a self reveal opening. Imagine if this container is duplicated on all 6 sides of a cube. Where this cube opens can be independent interfaces that are utilized for different tasks.


Mutation – Cube Duplication

This rough initial prototype investigates the possibility of hidden compartments or flaps to revel additional mass to allow for physical duplication or multiplicity. Visual effects often allow almost the impossible of virtual mass expansion. For example the transportaion (flying cars) in the cartoon The Jetsons, cars would fold up and become a suitcase. Or even in the japanese comic/anime Dragonball Z, the characters can click on a pill shaped device and throw it onto the ground…then poof! it turns into a motorcycle, private hotel, perserved food, or other large devices.


Synchronization – Mechanical Iris study

The idea of synchronization in visual effects or animation always has an mesmerizing effect on the viewer. In this initial experiment as part of my study of simply moving many pieces of shapes at the same time to morph or expose. This can be embed into container openings or duplication of many of these containers to create a physical interface for access and various applications.

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