MDP Science Fair Oct 31, 2011

Great successful day at Art Center MDP’s annual science fair. A great variety of topics ranging from sound, touch, urban, language, memory, gaming, gesture, and mine on visual perception. My current working title is “Perceptual Exaptations”.

The three experiments I displayed starting from the right consists of:

Trails – Transformation of the physical world with your gaze.

The middle is Mutational Physical Interface, an accelerometer driven form changing physical interface.

On the very left is Extended Sight + Physical Animated Motion Graphic Immersive Space. The glasses consists of a eyetracker (hacked PS3 IR web cam) and a LCD driven by two servos for the right eye. The camera controlled by the glasses is placed inside a box decorated with dimensional graphics, scripted to allow the information look as if they animate onto screen while the camera pans around.

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