TRAILS: Super Hero Power Telekinesis

Synchronization, Transformation, Visual Search Selection, Visuospatial function

Summary: This experiment explores the idea of Visuospatial function, Object Transformation, Multiplicity Synchronization, and Visual Scanning. Utilizing the eyetracking technology as a control to analyze eye movement, which the scanning movement triggers the opening of a box. The box is inspired by transforming mechanical parts. This single function box is then duplicated in a mass amount organized as a grid format. As the result, the boxes open in synchronized motion as the eye pan across and looks around.

Question Raised: When a physical transformation in mass quantities is beautifully synchronized to create a patterned trail, what can of new functions and feelings can it inform other than a mesmerizing effect?



This experiment began from using eye tracking and stage use spot light as a metaphore to create an eye-controlled car headlight. At this early stage, I was experimenting while creating something practical rather than speculative and provocative. Here’s a video to demo how the car headlight works to help amplify the clarity of the driver’s view.




Super Hero Power Telekinesis
Taking the idea further and add multiplication of the transformation box idea and eye tracking controlled spot light. The visual effects metaphore this idea is inspired by comes from super heros from comics or movies often have some special power that allows them to manipulate an object with their mind, eyes, or other sensory input. Put that in conjunction with the visual effects language of multiplicity and synchronization, I put together this after effects animation to demo how the installation would work as your eyes move across the peripheral view.



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