Extended Sight + PAMGIS

Extended Sight + PAMGIS
(Physical Animated Motion Graphics Immersive Space)

Keywords: Immersive Physical Animation Data Visualizer, Saccade, Jump cut editing, viewing from different angles, Eye tracking camera control.

Question: What if the human eye sight can be relocated to another part of the body or another part of the world?

There is two parts to this project. Extended Sight explores the idea of moving a person’s eye sight to another location. This can be another location on the body as part of another limb or any other body part, or remotely at another location. This provokes the question if our eye sight is removed from our head and placed somewhere else, can we see from different perspectives? This project can also inform ideas for story telling. If there are multiple amounts of these eye controlled cameras are placed in different countries to tell different narratives happening at the same time, how can the footage and data collected inform a new way of story telling?

PAMGIS (Physical Animated Motion Graphics Immersive Space)
By placing this camera inside an enclosed box with physical graphic and informational elements strategically positioned, this immersive physical data visualization installation designed to recreate the experience of watching a motion graphics animation in a physical space. From a first person point of view in conjunction with eye tracking controlled camera placed in this space, the viewer is given the affordance to navigate through the text and graphical information freely. The space is designed to reverse engineer the way animation is produced in a scripted environment. As the viewer pans around the camera and bringing graphic elements into frame, in the viewfinder the look of the animation will be inspired by the way motion graphics feel as if they are animated on screen.









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