Mutation Interface: Physical Interactive Form Follows Function

Physical Interactive Form Follows Function

Keywords: Organic Mutation, Morphing, Interactive Physical Interface, Cognitive Visual Angle, Form Follows Function Physically

Question: What if the form, function and interface can be changed by a simple gesture of wrist rotation?

Summary: Mutation Interface is an interactive morphing interface inspired by the ideas of organic mutation, morphing, and Cognitive visual angle. It is a speculative experiment that maybe suggestive for a interactive physical interface that can be implemented for consumer electronics. This stand-alone device is driven by a 3-axis accelerometer, controlled by an Arduino board, which triggers three servo motors, one for each axis of rotation. The servo arms are attached with strong skeletal armatures that rotates in all directions without getting in the way of each other. This device is then wrapped in cloth to hide the mechanics within to produce a morphing look and feel from one shape to another, creating multiple and interchangeable surfaces.

this video demonstrates the way this device moves with the 3 axis acceleronmeter

begin prototyping and making it work

cleaned up the wires





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