Physical Interface Changing Over Time

Temporal Interaction: This experiment investigates how physical interface changes over time can introduce new ways of interaction. Short maybe a couple of hours, long maybe as much as a weeks. I envision it’s form changes on it’s own and also through user interaction. This metaphore for this type of object and user relationship is very similar to crafting and caring for a Japanese Banzai tree. Through the user’s tentative attention to care for and craft this object, it begins to develop personal value through each individual user. Although the interaction part is still very much on the surface level, but this one is very interesting to me. What causes the form to change over time is something I still have to work out. It maybe a set of data from the internet, or even by personal encounters or experiences.

Key Characteristics:

- changes through human interactions

- changes over time on it’s own

- introduce new ways of interaction as the form changes

- slower interface change. over time, in the scale of days.

- changes base on how it’s used, or data coming from somewhere else

- builds a closer relationship with the user through investing time and efforts over a long period of time.

Other Possible Form Iterations

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