The SPLIT Experience


When a person gaze towards something or someone, naturally the eye’s focus would constantly jump back and forth, scanning and following contours while identifying various information of the subject. These quick eye movements are call Saccades. Although our brain interprets these saccades to be seamless, but biologically we are blind between these saccade points.

This experiment is the next iteration of my previous project “Extended Sight”, it takes on the metaphors of the saccade blindness in conjunction with jump cut techniques to display different angles of one scene in films. This device consists of two parts, a glasses mount eye tracking camera which controls two semi-circular acrylic armature driven by two servos that rotate in x and y axis. The main purpose of this structure is to mount a viewing camera, so the camera can rotate 180 degrees around a object that can be placed on a central platform. Due to the scale constraints, he maximum size that this specific prototype will allow to revolve around is 6in x 8.5in. The display screen of this viewing camera is mounted on the right eye of the glasses. Therefore, when the user is wearing this glasses, the left eye is used for controlling the viewing camera, and the right eye is used for looking at the display of that camera. Due to my technological constraints of the type of viewing screen, the only way to be able to foveate on the lcd display screen while the left eye is being tracked, is by rotating the screen in the same direction the pupil is moving. This requires an additional two axis bracket driven by two feather weight servos to turn the display towards the same direction that the eyes is pointing at.

Through this device, the eyes are no longer used only for navigation and identification, but it adds a new exaptative function of control. It takes the viewer out of their normal perspective and see things in a whole new way.

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