Abstract V.01

Link Huang

Thesis Workshop 09-12-2011: Thesis Intent Wk01


During my thesis gateway, my interest began collectively towards the investigation of “Hollywood and Science Fiction display of technologies in comparison to a perspective shift of the crude reality when various technologies are implemented in the real world“. In this initial stage, I had the notion of investigating glitches and its imperfections as part of the technology flaws through exploring it’s possibilities. Then as I develop my projects during the courses I was taking over the summer, I began to realize my interests lies within the visual effects aspect of these fictional technologies in the stories. Looking into ways to bring these visual effects to the tangible world. Creating inventive and innovative projects while staying away from a carbon copy reflection of a existing visual effects used in film.

These include asking questions like, “what type of hardware support and leverage would it require for these servo or motors to move and create interactive interfaces?”, “How can I make these tangible interactions create personalized experience?”, “How does these interactions challenge the existing ways of using certain tools or objects for various functions?”, “What are the target audience demographics?”, “Why would anyone want this?”, “Are there possible ways to make these affordances more sustainable to the environment?”, “What kind of experience does the user go through while using these tangible interactions?”, “How can the sense of discovery play into the experience?”, “How can system, network, or social media implications tie in with the design?”.

My expertise in my professional background derives from a handful of years doing motion graphics through storyboarding to animation. It is also a combination with some of my hobbies building RC cars and wrenching on real cars. I would very much like to combine all my skills together including graphic design, flash driven digital or physical interfaces, digital electronics, gears and motors, even craft works using plastic, metal, and wood to exploring possibilities to create the most interesting interactions.